Genealogy Coaching and Research

My name is Earl Alvin Daniels. I am grateful to be named after both of my grandfathers.

I offer my 34+ years of genealogy research experience to others. Learn about your family and new ways to share your family’s stories.

Why this matters…

Families help shape us

Our families help shape who we are, what we find important, and how we relate to the world.

The stories of our families add meaning to our lives. It does matter who they were, as we are the continuation of our ancestors.

We are the continuation…

Thich Nhat Hanh teaches us to look at our hands and realize that in our hands we have our Mother’s hands and our Father’s hands.

We carry our ancestors. Perhaps not the sins to the seventh generation, yet there is profound effect that we need to understand.

Understanding our legacy…

My Father gave me the gift of his research, his knowledge, his stories and his passion for genealogy.

I carry that legacy onward. And share with others. Contact me below to see what we can discover together!

I offer my services on a dana basis

Contact me to start the discovery…

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