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Remembering people via video

With video now as easy as pulling out your phone, it is essential to preserve video as a part of documenting a person’s life.

Memorial or tribute videos are one of the standard services now offered by funeral homes. These videos are often no more than a collection of family-provided photos panned and zoomed across the screen to some soothing background music. Some may have included video clips.

There are also videos of the person’s funeral, complete with eulogies, music, poems and other shared memories.

The funeral homes host these videos on their website as part of the funeral package. Some will also provide a DVD copy. Neither of these is ensured to be available to future generations.

In order to make them as available as possible for the longest time, a reliable repository is needed. I have been archiving these tribute videos on

I am also saving interviews, which can be a very important way to get to know an ancestor.

What I’ve saved so far

Tribute videos



…more coming soon!

The videos added in the future will be included on this page. (last update 21 Jan 2022)

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