Finding stories beyond the surface

Every life has many stories. Wonderful happy stories and sometimes tragic stories.

If we look, we see the stories.

Here we have the grave marker of two brothers, proclaimed as “World’s Greatest Brothers” on the flower vase between the headstones.

Anthony Donald Bryant and Barry C Bryant headstones
The graves of Tony and Barry Bryant in Union Baptist Cemetery, Choestoe, Union County, Georgia

You might note that they also have the same death date. Often when we see this, it is an automobile accident or other tragedy.

Other tragedy

I could find no further information about these young men, other than the article below. I have no idea of what drove Tony to do what he did. He was obviously suffering. The family also suffered, certainly still to this day.

There is a reason the family declared these as “World’s Greatest Brothers.”

Their lives are not defined solely by their final minutes. What they had growing up together did not just disappear.

We just need to look beyond the surface of events when we can, to see the stories of the whole lives.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, Georgia, Thu 14 Nov 1991,  Page 1

Avoiding further pain

I truly hope that my resurfacing this painful tragedy does not cause the family any further pain.

While I am curious about their lives, I would not dare try to contact them about this. I would like to know more, however my curiosity is insignificant compared to their right to be private with their grief and their stories. This is a tension genealogists wrestle with frequently.

With the clients I work with, there is an awareness that painful family histories might resurface. I try to help them venture into this possibility with open eyes.

At times, we may want to avoid further pain, yet there is a reward for us if we can have the courage to have an honest look at all the stories.

I can help – collect your family history while you still can.

Wonderful and Tragic.

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